A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Made for GGJ 2021. Theme: Lost and Found

You wake up one morning to find the love of your life has disappeared with an ominous note, and taken your heart with them! Battle through waves of weird enemies to find pieces of your heart and find your true love again!

Game is largely incomplete, but I hope to finish it off soon



WASD - Move
Space - Attack
L Shift - Dash

Controller (Xbox / DS4 / Switch)

Left Stick - Move
RT / R2 / ZR - Attack
LT / L2 / ZL - Dash


Windows.zip 23 MB
Linux.zip 37 MB
Mac.zip 32 MB

Install instructions

Download the build for the OS you are using, unzip, and enjoy!
Mac and Linux builds are untested!

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