A small prototype game made based on our travels to Japan.

Our game theme and concept is directly inspired by Japan’s public transport network. Their train network operates in a timely and efficient manner to deliver expansive access to major locations throughout Tokyo and Kyoto. The interior design of the trains is different to Australia and allows for easier navigation and packing of people. We wanted to capture the essence of their train network so we designed our time to challenge players to organise groups of public members as efficiently as they can.

The Japanese pride themselves on the timeliness of their services as we witnessed with short intervals to get on or off a train. We wanted to capture this pressure and timeliness by implementing a timer per station.

The game is presented as a mobile game as that is the end goal intention outside of this prototype scope. This is in part inspired by the restriction of space felt by the Japanese due the sheer number of citizens compared to living space. They appear to lack personal space to game at home and spend a lot of time in transit, so a mobile game would suit a culture like this.

We have applied visual patterns to the groups of people in our game that is directly inspired by the washi paper patterns. Various abstract and floral patterns can be found on this type of paper which is unique and beautiful to Japan and we wanted to attempt to capture that in our visuals.

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